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  • Swans Christmas Card

    Swans Christmas Card

    Mute Swans in Winter

    12 for $20

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  • Note Cards

    Note Cards

    Primitive Note Card Collection



    Fall Farm

    Friendly Harbour and

    Winter Fun

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  • Christmas Cards

    Christmas Cards

    Primitive Christmas Card Collection


    Merry Christmas

    Home for Christmas

    Coming Home and

    Winter’s Night

    12 Cards – 3 of each scene

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  • 2017 Calendar

    2017 Calendar

    The 2017 Mary Scattergood,

    Primitive Artist Calendar is here!

    On the Cover:

    Mary’s latest memory painting from

    the “Old Montreal” series “Heading Home”.


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  • Thanksgiving Preparations

    Thanksgiving Preparations

    Canadian Thanksgiving is at the perfect time of year.

    The crops are mostly in, the days are still warm and nature is changing into it’s most beautifully colourful outfit.  It is a busy time at the farm; gathering honey, picking apples, pumpkins and corn, the apple pie bee and stalking the turkey, all in Preparation for Thanksgiving. A perfect time to be thankful.

    16″ x 24″

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  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    There are many signs of Spring.  I fondly remember our neighbours all out on the first beautiful day, busy sweeping away old man winter.

    The first day of skipping, bike riding and going to the park.


    12″ x 19″

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  • Oh No, More Snow

    Oh No, More Snow

    Everyone agrees… Last winter there was far too much snow.

    Just when you get it all cleared away you wake up to one more dump.

    It was a winter that was too severe and took too long to end.

    I was looking for inspiration to create a spring painting but this one

    came to mind.

    12″ x 16″


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  • Skating on the Village Pond

    Skating on the Village Pond

    We travel Highway 50 often, on our way to visit family and I always love to pass the Palgrave Pond in winter.  The town comes together and creates the most wonderful rink,  then they share winter afternoons and evenings enjoying it.  The small town, friendly atmosphere reminds me of the winter skating of my childhood.

    12″ x 18″

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  • April Showers

    April Showers

    “April Showers bring May flowers.”  The lovely thing about a warm spring rain is that it is non-inhibiting.  As long as you have an umbrella you can venture out and enjoy the season.  It is a bustling feeling because everyone gets their shopping done just a bit quicker, but it is happy just the same because it is a sign of things to come.

    16″ x 24″

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  • Monday Monday

    Monday Monday

    I have always loved the sight of a line of fresh laundry blowing in the breeze. I can almost smell that heavenly scent of fresh air and sunlight. I remember Monday mornings on the street where I grew up. Every house proudly displayed crisp white sheets and towels.

    We used to play in the backyards and run through the sheets.

    Do kids ever get to do that now?
    18”x 22”

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  • Binder Twine Delivery Night

    Binder Twine Delivery Night

    Kleinburg’s Binder Twine Festival is a re-creation of Charlie Shaw’s Binder Twine Delivery Night. Each year when the twine came in by train, Charlie wanted to make sure the local farmers picked up their twine before his mice could eat it. Early in the fall he would invite them all to pick it up on the same day. He threw in some food and entertainment and it became an annual event.

    18” x 22”

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  • Skinny Dippin in the Humber

    Skinny Dippin in the Humber

    Who hasn’t gone skinny dipping? Nothing is more fun on a hot, hazy summer day.

    The boys were sure they had a secret spot but………. Somebody is peeking!

    12” x 18”

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  • The Good Ole Hockey Game

    The Good Ole Hockey Game

    I was inspired to paint this picture when the CBC lost the rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme. Stompin Tom’s song was suggested a few times as a replacement. It made me remember playing on the back yard rink and watching my brother and his friends play pick up hockey. Sometimes they even let me play, white skates, pompoms and all!
    18” x 22”

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  • Snow Day

    Snow Day

    Remember the joy of finding you did not have to go to school? A wonderful day spent in a winter wonderland of skating, skiing and snowman building…. after the shoveling was finished, of course! These are the benefits of a Canadian childhood. I still think a good snow day makes everyone feel happy to See their neighbours and thankful to live in the four seasons.
    18” X 22”

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  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning

    This is the best day of the week. Everyone converging on the little village church. Some early, some late, but everyone welcomed by the vicar on Sunday Morning.
    15” x 18”

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